121 Training

Individual Tuition

One to One Dog Training 

One-to-one dog training is carried out on an individual basis.Dependent on the needs of the dog or owner, this could be at your own home, a local park or at our centre in Bridge of Earn. While classes are certainly the most cost effective way to learn how to train your dog, one-to-one sessions offer far greater flexibility, and lessons can be tailored specifically to your individual needs.

Any or all of the exercises taught in the Perth Dog Training classes can be covered, as well as a range of others that may be appropriate for your specific circumstances.

We will start by looking at the relationship you have with your dog to make sure it is as healthy and well balanced as possible. This is an area that is often overlooked, but is so vitally important if your dog is going to listen to and respond to you. If you are going to achieve anything with your dog, you have to have a healthy working relationship to begin with and that’s exactly why we start there.

We will then move on to discuss some basic learning principles-

Rather than simply showing you how to teach an exercise to your dog, it is important that you also have an understanding of how dogs learn and how we can motivate them, including how we should be using rewards/punishments (what is appropriate and what is not), and the importance of good timing. If you understand some fairly basic concepts, you will be able to communicate far more clearly and effectively with your dog, and achieve so much more.

For each dog and owner, the requirements will be different, and for that reason, there are no minimum or maximum limits on the number of sessions we do.