Rules and regulation Perth Dog Training   Covid 19

What you will need to know and do when attending classes

When arriving at the unit we are asking you not to just walk in please wait outside with social distancing or in your car please remember when getting out of your car about social distancing, this gives us time in-between class to make sure everything is clean and sanitized for you. We will open the doors so you can enter without touching any doors.

If you could please bring your own hand sanitizer if possible as you may wish to use throughout the class there will be hand sanitizer at the door.

We would ask that you bring a training bag with everything you may need for your class.      ie brush bronze class, toy silver class, bowl and bed gold class.

One dog one owner at all times as we can only have limited numbers

A face mask or face covering will need to be worn in class. Unless you have a medical condition. Please note Sarah and I will also be doing the same with the use of a visor so that we can still be understood and heard clearly when teaching classes.

Everyone will have a clearly marked out area to sit which is 2 meters apart.

Dogs have to be wiped down before you can enter the unit.

There will be fresh cloths and water at the front door if you could please take a cloth and wipe down your dog’s coat, then place used cloth in the use bin which will be clearly marked.

We are asking for as little use of the toilet as possible however we don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. So if you do have to go we will ask you to wipe down everything you have touched we will provide all cleaning materials. Then if used we will steam clean at night.

There will be a few things in each class that we will have to change how we do them to help with social distancing which we will talk you through them in class.

At the end of each class we ask that you don’t hang about having a catch up with your friends as we need the car park for the next class without any cross over of people. The same for when arrive please don’t arrive too early.