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Perth Dog Training-Puppy and Dog Training Classes in Perth

Bear at Puppy TrainingPerth Dog Training offers a range of puppy training and dog training classes each week in Oakbank Community Centre,Perth. Now in the third year we have helped over 150 puppies, dogs and owners achieve their aim of owning a responsible and well behaved companion. The training classes we offer use only friendly training methods based on rewarding for good behaviour. Most of all though, our classes are designed to be fun for owners and their puppies or dogs. Whatever your dog or puppy training needs, we will have a suitable class or recommendataion-

Puppy Classes

are held each Friday from 7pm-8pm and are fun group training sessions ideal for new puppy owners.We work together as a group covering the most common exercises such as walking on a loose lead, coming back when called, stays and basic health checks.In addition, the dogs will benefit from socialisation with other dogs, people and sounds. They are an ideal starting point for people who want a well behaved puppy and are suitable for new and experienced dog owners.

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General Dog Obedience Classes are held on Friday Evenings from 8pm - 9pmĀ  These dog training sessions are are a great way of meeting like minded owners and are made up mostly from people who have already been through the earlier stages of dog training. During the class we focus on a wide range of advanced training techiniques and exercises. Like all of our classes, the sessions are relaxed and informal and most of all fun for dogs and owners !!!!!!!

gromit140pxThe Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme
Perth Dog Training has been awarded listed Status with The Kennel Club and is authorised to to train for all levels of the Good Citizen Dog Scheme.Its aim is to promote responsible dog ownership and in turn, enhance our relationship with our pets and to make the community aware of the benefits associated with dog ownership. The classes are held on Sunday afternoons and build upon the exercises covered in the Puppy Training Classes.

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Classes run on a 7 week term and group sizes are limited to ensure that everyone gets the individual attention they need. If you are unsure of which class best suits you or need further information, then please do get in touch. I am happy to answer any questions that you have.

Pets as Therapy


Good Citizen Dog Scheme


Perth Dog Training has been awarded Listed Status with The Kennel Club and is authorised to to train for all levels of the Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Find Out about the Good Citizen dog Scheme here

Canine Partners

canine_partners2Corinne is involved with the work of Canine Partners and regulary can be found giving both talks on the Charities work and demonstrating with demonstration dog bear

Thanks to Daisy fron Auctergarven Primary School who sent this lovely letter follwing their visit ther in June

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